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Oleg Ovsyannikov
CEO, Founder
[email protected]

1.7 bln people suffer from substance abuse

First, we focus on alcohol as one of most "socially appropriate" substance. But in the next 5 years we will create family of apps to deal with other substances.

The future of Sober One — holistic digital recovery platform

Our app gives addicts clear plan, guidence and compassion they need. We plan to develop complex up-to-date solutions for both addicts & therapistis.
Product development
  • Alcohol Tracker & calculator
  • Social Features
  • Relapse Prediction
  • Gamification
  • Multiple Addictions
Family of apps and AI-powed features
  • Family of Apps for Different Addictions
  • AI Chatbot Assistant
  • AI Relapse Prediction
  • Pro Expert Content
  • Challenges & Quizzes
  • Referral Program
Product for professionals
  • Content Management Platform for Experts
  • Advanced Psychometry
  • Clinicist Platform
  • Psychiatrists On-Demand
Sustain Growth
  • Online and Offline Events
  • Education and Training for Professionals
  • Media Development
  • Video Content Production
  • Online and Offline Community Development
B2B Stage
  • Community Franchise
  • Collaboration with Rehabs
  • Launch Science Council and Research
  • B2b Distribution
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