We launched the free version of the Sober One app

Those who are not yet ready to quit can try the free version of Sober One. It includes 10 basic introspection tasks: with the help of them, a person can reconsider their relationship with alcohol. Also, everyday users receive a short text about medicine, psychology, addiction, and health myths.

“More often than not, people do not know how to fact-check medical information. It is difficult to figure out on your own how the addiction works and where to read reliable data on this case.

We work for users as a filter and select the most useful and verified data: Sober One’s editorial team deals with this. Also, our articles and tasks are supervised by psychotherapists and doctors.

This saves both time and energy for a person and debunks myths like hypnotic coding addiction treatment,” says Anna Fofanova, Sober One co-founder.

We tried to make the free version valuable to the user, so we included important introspection tasks. This makes the application a full-fledged self-help tool for those who already have a strong personal motivation.

In addition to daily texts and tasks for introspection, users receive tools: a diary, a tracker of alcohol consumed, tests to track their condition.

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