Sober One is Ready to Present a Full English Version on Web Summit 2021

Sober One proudly presents the full-featured Sober One App for EU and American markets. The release is scheduled for the first week of November. Previously, only an abridged freemium version was available to English-speaking users.‍

Sober One is a virtual guide that assists to quit without an internal conflict, and to keep motivation and focus. The full-featured version App helps to cut one’s recovery journey up to 10 times. The self-help product, available by subscription, gives a step-by-step plan of action, motivation, and support from peers.

What else does the user get with the subscription? 

  • Guided courses.
  • Everyday plan of actions. 
  • AI-based support. 
  • Feedback from a psychologist.
  • Psychometric tests.
  • Relapse prevention tools and skills.  
  • Access to a community chat. 
  • Alcohol and sobriety tracker. 
  • Diary for self-analysis and trigger management.

The subscription costs $10.  

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