Hangover: How It Works and How to Treat It

Why does alcohol make you feel ill and how can you fix it?


You swallow alcohol. It travels into the stomach and then goes into the bloodstream and liver. At a certain point, ethyl alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde. It is a toxic substance. It causes nausea, weakness, arrhythmia, and headache. And while your body is working to process it, you are suffering.

You cannot get rid of a hangover, you can only survive it.


Alcohol makes your body lose water faster. As a result, you are dehydrated. 

Once your night of drinking alcohol is over, drink plenty of water. And do it before going to sleep.

The next morning you can cook a vegetable or chicken broth. Your exhausted stomach is more likely to digest it without any problem.

Do not drink

Trying to ‘cure’ a hangover with alcohol is a terrible idea. You will just give your body extra work to neutralize alcohol, and it can worsen the symptoms.

The UK National Health Service (NHS) advises you to abstain from alcohol for another 48 hours, even if you do not have a hangover.

If you do feel like having a drink during a hangover, it looks like the dependence syndrome.

Take medications

If your doctor approved ibuprofen intake, you may take a medicine to relieve the pain. Do not forget to read the instructions before taking pills. Ibuprofen is contraindicated in people with a diagnosed gastric ulcer and a range of other diseases. Take medications with water.

Keep in mind that pills will burden your liver and stomach, in addition to alcohol.

The medications mentioned here should not be taken without the approval of a doctor.

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