Do Not Try to Leave the Crab Bucket!

Have you ever noticed such a thing? A person wants to change for the better: to go in for sports, move to another city, change their profession, get a university degree, learn Japanese or C++ programming... And immediately, they receive a bunch of comments from their friends, relatives, and colleagues. What’s the purpose? But lif’s good here too! You won't make much money by doing this. You're out of your league. It's too complicated. Anthony tried. And where is Anthony now?

It is called the ‘crab bucket’ or ‘crab mentality’. If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, none of them will escape. When one tries to, others cling to it and pull it back. That is how people behave if someone in their circle tries to ‘get out of the bucket’ — to start changing something about himself or herself.

Why are people, even the near and dear ones, doing so? Most often, it has nothing to do with envy or hidden dislike for you. It is an instinctive defense reaction. Such behavior allows them to make no effort, even if they are dissatisfied with something in their life.

So if you are thinking of making a big change, remember the bucket and do not take the ‘crab’ comments seriously.

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