Tired of endless struggling with the addiction of loved ones?

Sober Friends&Family provides peer-support group and online solution helping you to learn how to help your close ones.


Take care of yourself

Learn how to cope with this problem.

Help your close one

Start with an alternative of usual behavior.

Begin normal life

Maintain stable and happy relationships.

Who might benefit from it

Regardless of the nature of the source of your problems, with Sober Friends&Family you can find answers and solutions to your questions.

Parents of adolescents

Get everything you need:

Comprehensive information about addiction
Lessons about selfcare and emotional regulation
Helper diary and tools for self-reflection
Online and offline support groups, webinars and individual therapy sessions
Help with cousellor selection
Coming Soon

What you'll never see:

Stigmatization and addict shaming
Misunderstanding and neglect

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Oleg Ovsyannikov
Chief Executive Officer
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