Marketing specialist

Do you know how to deliver value to customers?
3+ years
Curiosity and creativity
We are looking for a person who will be engaged in product marketing and promotion. Everything related to clients and partners inflow and brand and products promotion worldwide.

What do you need to do?

— Create and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords and other advertising channels.

— Work with retargeting audiences, lal, make exceptions and cross audiences.

— Manage website and landing pages on Webflow. Set up marketing attribution, GTM, analytics.

— Analyze performance of advertising campaigns.

— Create, configure, test and adjust automated funnels.

— Develop chatbots, newsletters and email campaings and analyze performance.

— Copywriting for webpages, chat-bots, mailing lists, advertising campaigns, social networks.


— Marketing experience — 3+ years.

— Quality copywriting info-style will be a plus in your karma.

— The ability to generate ideas and hypotheses independently, test them quickly and evaluate the results is very important.

— Ability to adapt to a change and not be afraid of mistakes.

Terms and conditions

— Work in a startup with a Purpose.

— Freedom and support your suggestions and initiatives.

— Opportunities for career growth within the company.

— Opportunity to attend training courses and conferences at the company's expense.

— Free schedule, remote work.

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Oleg Ovsyannikov
Founder, CEO
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