Front-end Developer

This is for you if you love and hate Javascript.
3+ years
Pedantry and logic
We have a lot of great users. They come to us, register, communicate with each other, complete tasks and solve their problem through a scientifically sound action plan and mutual support. We make a great app so that every step along the way is as clear, human and comfortable as possible. This is very important.

We want from you

— At least 3 years of experience in client applications development.

— Perfect in React, Redux and Webpack.

— Can layout using Sass / Stylus and are no stranger to BEM methodology.

— Accurate enough and not requiring endless fixes and tweaks behind you.

— Willing to listen to experienced comrades and want to learn from them wisely.

The above is a reference point. Everyone is welcome. If you lack some skills, but really want to work with us, we will be happy to talk to you.

What to do

The actual roadmap is as follows:

— Automated user flow funnels;

— Subscriptions and billing;

— Online chat;

— CRM and analytics implementation;

— Chatbots;

— and 250+ more items in development backlog.

How we work

— Technology stack: React (hooks), Redux, Ionic, Capacitor, Stylus, Sass, Antd, Centrifugal, Cordova.

— Most of the time we work remotely, but also we meet offline occasionally, so if you can come to Moscow this would be a plus.

— We do not have a strict schedule. The main point is to perform the tasks assigned.

— We use Coda to manage the tasks.

— The process can be briefly described as follows: the product manager formulates a product task, the development team leader writes a technical specification and gives the task to the developer. The result is checked by the QA-specialist and the finished work is returned to the product manager.

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Oleg Ovsyannikov
Founder, CEO
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