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Users success is not just a word for us. We work to help with their goals.
2+ years
Willing to help
Customer Care Service strives to make every step of user experience as clear, human, and comfortable as possible. This is very important. The number of tasks is growing, and we need a professional who is willing to help and care for others.

You will do:

— Respond to users incoming requests in questions via chat messenger;

— Help to investigate and solve their problems;

— Consult users on technical and payment issues;

— Help us gather user feedback and build knowledge base.

We expect you to:

— have a background in customer service;

— do not have any substance abuse problems;

— have what is called general computer literacy (knows how to use messengers, can learn with our help to work in a CRM interface, knows how to work in office programs, etc.)

— master a competent verbal and written speech;

— wish to work remotely about 4 hours, spread out over the day.

Above is a reference point. We are happy to meet everyone.

You will fit if you want to help people, you are interested in the experience of communicating with those who are doing their best to change their lives for the better, if you want to learn how to excel in customer success tasks.

We have great people in our team. Development and personal growth are not empty words to us. We are focused on investing the most in all employees and users.

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Oleg Ovsyannikov
Founder, CEO
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