Meet Sober One's team

We’re a crew of change-makers
Oleg Ovsyannikov
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Entrepreneur. Former COO and CPO of Yengo — Native Ad Network with 300M users worldwide. 17 years experience in digital.

Dr. Marat Aghinyan
Chief Science Officer, Founder

Psychiatrist and substance abuse treatment professional. 17 years of experience. 10,000+ patients served personally.

Anna Fofanova
Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder

Marketing pro, journalist, editor. CMO in international AdTech holding. Successful digital products launches in global markets.
16 years in digital.

Ilya Maximov
Chief Business Development Officer

Focuses on quality and people needs. Works in the IT industry for 18 years. Formerly Director of SQA in digital orthodontic, information security, and telecommunication top market companies.

Key People

Victor Zhuk
Chief Technology Officer
Senior multistack developer and devops, opensource and *nix evangelist, master of new technologies with oldscool background. Over 13 years in IT, to infinity and beyond. Retired officer. Believe that automation will make the world a kinder place.
Alexandra Ermolova
Customer Care Lead
Clinical psychologist and schema therapist, worked in a private rehabilitation center for 2 years. Leads Sober One’s a support team. Provides group therapy and personal sessions for customers.
Kristina Beloplotova
Customer Succcess Lead
Clinical Psychologist. Studied cognitive science at the Cognitive Research Laboratory in TSU, co-author of scientific articles. Writes about mental health for the Sober One blog and works as a supportive psychologist.
Vlada Sukhanovskaya
Senior Editor
Science journalist, blogger, author of the podcast about evidence-based medicine «Science in the Palm». Lectures about health and wellbeing. Writes and edits articles for Sober One App and blog.
Artem Zaytsev
UX Architector
9 years of experience in media and digital product design. Created UX architecture for large companies, media, government and public organizations.
Valentina Petrova
Customer Care
Clinical Psychologist. Worked in the psychological support service for oncology patients. As a part of Sober One's support team, consults customers online, runs group and individual therapy.
Anastasia Oborotova
Blogger, author of a telegram channel about evidence-based medicine and critical thinking "Dragon in My Garage"
Anastasia Vologina
Financial Manager
Responsible for all financial activities of Sober One company.
Alex Hitrik
Media Buying
Manages Sober One's advertising campaigns globaly.

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Oleg Ovsyannikov
Chief Executive Officer
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