Multi-tool for drinkers.

Sober One is online AI Assistant application with essential tools to help one get problem go away.

+much more!
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Do daily tasks

Covering variety topics about addiction, health and psychology

Observe and analyse

First step to recovery is to raise your awareness

Communicate with peers

Support is one of the most valuable assets in your jorney

Take сontrol of your life back

Learn to live comfortably and fully without feeling restricted or unfree.
Sober One Premium users are happy with their results and achievements.

Action Plan

Every day the app will guide you. You will get insights and instructions how to quit drinking and avoid the relapse.


You will find your inner resources and realize your true motivation. The app will help keep it for a long time.


Online community becomes personal backup for every Sober One user. It is powerful source of insights, experience and support.

What is inside the app

Alcohol consumption tracking

Sober One helps to reveal how serious the problem really is and to explore personal drinking patterns, habbits and specific triggers.

Tool for deeper self-analysis

A diary trains to act mindfully and to focus on personal goals. Daily records helps to keep things under controll and notice everyday progress. And for one, who decides to quit drinking, diary becomes a handful relapse prevention tool.

Content revised by experts

Sober One provides it's users everything they need to know about substance abuse, psychology and welbeing. The app offers hundreds of free articles. Our editors and experts carefully check the facts, following the principles of evidence-based medicine.

Everyday plan of actions and support

Sober One is a ready-to-use action plan inside your smartphone or your browser. Step by step it guides user to the result. Community and skilled psychologiests help to cope with any difficulties.

Up-to-date practices

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the current gold standard of psychotherapy. Sober One's experts choose techniques and methods that prooved their efficiency for treating substance use disorders and adapt them for the app.

Online support from experienced therapists

Sober One has a team of experienced psychologists trained to work with addiction issues. They supervise the community and run individual and group consultations online.

Support from people with the same experience

Helping relations is one of the core elements for the succesful recovery. Sober One aims to create a global community of people who are also quitting or have quit drinking.

Why do they love Sober One?

“Because it actually ASKS YOU QUESTIONS, rather than just gives you answers, facts, and advice. It gives me something to look forward too and makes me think about my own advice.

I love that it provides me with constant new information so when I'm feeling cravings or self-doubt I can look at this and do some tasks and it reminds me why I chose to do this.”


“It prompts me to think, to examine myself more closely and to look at underlying issues. I particularly like the fact that a psychiatrist is in charge of it. This in itself really helps me, as I have more faith that this App knows what it is talking about.

Excellent, targeted support. Demands engagement, in a good way, as this is what is crucially required to change.”

United Kingdom

“It helps me focus and have some free support... it there when I need it.”

Wendy, United Kingdom

“Eye-opening, informative, clear & easy.”

SJ, Australia

“Keeps you focused and very informative. Like having a councillor whenever you need it.”

Bernie, United Kingdom

“This app is the only one that I find really helpful. It doesn't turn people with problems into a useless helpless wreck who cannot make a progress by themselves.

So far, I have found many interesting and useful facts that really help me to carry on.”

Bella, Czech Republic

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